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Want to make more impact in The Netherlands and/or Belgium? How about communicating with us in Dutch, the language we actually grew up with. No matter the industry you’re in and despite the online tendency to just use English everywhere, research shows that people are still primarily influenced in their native tongue. It creates connection immediately and shows that you are serious about doing business in these markets.


Strategic marketing-, copy- and contentscan

Creative copywriting

Websites and online shops, direct (e-)mail, slogans, videoscenarios, radioscenarios, chatbots


Content copywriting

Blogs, brochures, newsletters and whitepapers

Sociale media

Facebook, Instagram, Google (SEO and SEA), YouTube

Testimonials (Belgian/dutch clients)

“Since october 2015 Pieter Jan supports us actively with his fluent writing style and nice sense of humour. He helps us with our offline communication towards an important audience, the educational system in Belgium, and our online communication with all our audience: from interns and volunteers to education centres, from networking associations to Fortune 500 companies. This communication is based on a strategic marketingplan he helped us develop and realise step-by-step. Discretely, loyal, flexible and always available he gets the job done, when needed, exactly how it is needed.”

Ben Beddegenoots, LITC (Nike Education Center)

“Pieter Jan is awesome in what he does: writing articles on a weekly basis for our blog read by tens of thousands of people in Belgium. With his fluent writing style it all looks effortless, and he always reaches the deadline on time. In short: working with Pieter Jan assures you can get the job done in a great way."

Yannick Martin, Zimmo

"Five years ago, Pieter Jan walked into our Pubmarket! ad agency offices. And he never left since. No matter the type of assignment we send him, he professionally writes it into a piece we are very satisfied with. His flexibility, discretion, reachability and pace of learning a new industry or client are strengths any ad agency can use."

Anouk Bemelmans, Pubmarket!

We met "PJ" randomly at a logistics fair in Antwerp. Turns out he was doing exactly what we were looking for. A week later we met in our offices and discussed "How Titans Work". He understood every aspect of our story clearly, which showed in the copy for our website and brochure we are still very happy with. The copy shows perfectly how we act, and helps us time and time again when prospecting for new clients."

Peter Huybrechts, Titan Cargo

"Ever since starting our digital marketing agency Markedeer in 2016, Pieter Jan writes copy for us regularly. Deadlines are of extreme importance in our sector, and Pieter Jan always respects them and acts flexibly with urgent assignments. He thinks proactively and strategically with the projects we send him and fluently writes what we expect, always with the the target audience in mind."

Dorien Breels, Markedeer

"Pieter Jan works for us since 4 years. I mostly appreciate his lively style and non-repetitive writing style. Every subject is treated differently and thoroughly, with a focus on the human aspect of the subject. His knowledge of the transport and logistics industry is also a huge plus for us."

Claude Yvens
, Transportmedia


About Dutch Copywriter

Hello. My name is Pieter Jan Ghysens, 34 years old, born and raised in the Dutch speaking part of Belgium. After a master’s degree in marketing at the Catholic University of Leuven and a couple of first work experiences, I started a copywriting company in 2015, helping Belgian companies sell more with crisp, clear and consumer-focused on- and offline copy.

Recently I noticed I got more and more questions from non-Belgian companies to help them enter the Belgian and The Nederlands market by translating their existing copy into Dutch. This makes sense: the first and by far most important step in consumer-focused communication is ensuring you speak the language your customers speak on a daily basis.

After a bit of Google research, it showed that even copywriters themselves sin against this basic rule. Go ahead, try it yourself and Google “Dutch copywriter”. 90% of the result page shows websites written in Dutch. That’s why I created this English website alongside my Dutch one focusing on the Belgian and Dutch market.

Unless you are located in the UK or the United States, I’m sinning against this rule as well. If I were 100% thorough, I should have written this website in hundreds of different languages. Sadly, my knowledge of Polish, Spanish, Chinese or whichever your native language is, is a bit subpar. So I decided to go with English anyway and hope you will forgive me 😉

That I might not know your industry or market? That doesn’t matter at all. I’ve been delving into new industries and markets I never heard about before for five years now. Researching what competitors are doing, discovering what drives potential customers. Only after this preparation, I start to write. Customer-centric. Focused. Convincing. And always on time.

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